Founding a chapter takes people

Two kinds of people are needed for this DC chapter:

  1. LOPSA members, or people willing to become one. These will be our Charter Members.
  2. People willing to present on things.

The two can be one and the same person, but we still need to cover both types.

Presenting really isn't that hard, we're not holding you up to the standard shown at industry conferences. What we need is interesting. We already do interesting in the halls at conferences as we swap stories, so plenty of us already have the technical story to tell. The next step is working up some slides, or a demo, to show off whatever that is.

What qualifies as a good topic? Plenty!

  • Solving a tricky cross-platform issue in Puppet/cfengine/chef/bcfg.
  • Adding Windows to an existing Linux-only configuration-management system.
  • Disaster recovery post-mortem notes.
  • Office campaigns to convince financial powers-that-be that a major upgrade really is in their best interest, how the campaign was fought and won.
  • Anything having to do with scaling out systems, and problems encountered.
  • Creative ways of dealing with bring-your-own-device policies.

We have tech-startups, big government, and mid-size private companies all around the area, so there is a lot of potential audience for your story. And these meetings are the kind of place you can share just those stories.

Think you'd like to listen to these stories?

Think you could maybe share one or two?

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Or drop a comment on this post! They're screened so I'll see them before they go public, and I promise I won't publish the comment if you ask me not to.