We're hiring!

My employer is looking to hire a Software Engineer. (The position is closed) Interesting details:

  • 0-5 years experience (more is better, but we totally hire eager people just out of college)
  • Technologies that will make us sit up and take notice if they're in your history:
    • Ruby on Rails
    • ElasticSearch
    • Dynamic web-site engineering
  • PC, Mac, whichever platform works for you (so long as git works on it). Go for it.
  • Full self+1 health coverage

And you don't even have to move to the Washington, DC area! We do remote development too.

A couple more things to help decide if this is the job for you:

  • We have a major product in "coming soon!" status, so the pace of development is really kicking up.
  • We're in startup-mode again, but we have a profitable existing product. No worrying about the burn-rate!
  • We don't use the following words in our job-announcements:
  • We have beer in the office. Heck, we even have a keg.
  • Our ping-pong table is well used.

And finally, as we're a startup with a new "coming soon!" product looming, faster is better when it comes to applying. As is your start-date if hired.

If you do apply, drop a comment here. Comments are screened so I'll know it happened even if you don't see it. Candidates with internal advocates tend to fare better. That whole "networking" thingy.