That isn't going away

I've noticed a trend lately. It has been brewing for a while, but after $boss introduced us to a new site to log into every morning I had to look into what the heck is going on. It was yet another site with the following color-scheme:

  • Blue title-bar
  • White background
  • Green highlights

I have seen far, far, far too many of this scheme on tech-sites in the last two years. I'm very tired of it, some variety would be really nice about now. Since our next product is using the same palate I asked our head web-desiger about it. Is this just fashion, or is there science behind these colors?


This is the link he gave me.

It turns out that in the westernized world colors all have associations and meaning. Obvious to any parent, pink is code for "girl toys". Apparently blue is code for "corporate" and "responsible", things the business oriented tech site wants to associate with.

In my hunting for this post I have found a secondary trend, charcoal-gray (formal, professional). Microsoft and IBM are both using it which is a recent change. 

So, yes. The color of business oriented tech-sites does seem to be subject to the same fashion trends that drive the color of Men's Suits. It'll be blue, gray, black (formality, elegance), with occasional dalliances in brown (reliable, steadfast) from here on out.

Now I know.