And now a word about timeliness

I mentioned in the last post:

...since we're at a part of the product deployment schedule where hours count.
Yes, we are.

We're not yet at the WORKING EVERY WAKING MOMENT AND WHEN WE SLEEP WE'RE DREAMING ABOUT BEING GUILTY FOR NOT WORKING part of the cycle, but it's coming. And this, fair reader, is where you come in. Blogging, and ServerFault answering, are a category of activity that'll be greatly reduced in the coming weeks until that big dev milestone is behind us.

There may be some humorous posts where I blow some steam, but big thinky posts are not likely. I'll still be moderating on SF, since I was elected for that and I do have a duty to the community to keep up with it. I apologize in advance for that, but it's the business cycle.

Carry on.