Unexpected parallels

A friend of mine is going through some frustrating medical crap. And while reading her latest post about her experiences, she expressed a sentiment similar to this (wording changed to foil googling):

It drives me crazy. I get that these people have been there, and done that. But when you come there with something that isn't common, sometimes it just gets ignored.

Um... guilty.

As a technical support professional, albeit one that also wears many other hats these days, I'm guilty of just that. You may be too. Computers glitch, we all know that. We are also busy people who hate chasing after something that's just a transient glitch rather than a symptom of a deeper problem. We wait for the glitch to turn into a pattern, when instead the person who reported it saw that we won't help them and then doesn't tell us when things start getting patterns.

Treating every problem like it's the reporters most important problem in the world is a goal we strive for, but fail at far too often. Demands on our time are indeed heavy and that does require some triage. Not all problems get our undivided attention.

I imagine doctors have similar pressures, though more intense since it's people's health on the line. Perhaps less time pressure and more insurance pressures, but still pressure.

So that one guy? The one who has the VPN connection that resets every 63 minutes regardless of where he is? And you've pushed it off because you don't want to dig around his personal computer? Just a reminder that to him, this is a critical problem. You should get on that.