Spiffy duds

Years ago an old co-worker quipped,

The day you wear a skirt and pantyhose to work is the day you end up crawling around under the raised floor.

The same applies to menfolk, just with the easy-to-scuff shoes and nice pants. There is truth to this.

However, with my new job I'm now for the first time working for some place that doesn't have their own dedicated datacenter and uses a professional colocation facility for all the really nifty stuff. The side effect of this is that I no longer  have to deal with a raised floor. I do still have to deal with a ladder (for some reason the main office network switch is mounted above the door in the wiring closet), but running things under the floor is no longer something I have/get to do.

Also, that was my first visit to a professional colo facility and I am deeply impressed. The WWU datacenter I used to work with could fit into 2-3 of those cages, and that's a small amount of that vast, vast facility. So. Cool.

Back to clothing... this being a startup-style company, dress-code tends to the 'allowable to get dirty' end of the spectrum. My title is such that I just might be called on to meet with potential big clients to reassure them that we can meet their needs, but that's almost always going to be over the phone. We'll see how the office dress-code shifts when the heat index starts creeping into the high 90's and higher. I doubt I'll need to keep a pair of Emergency Pants in the office just in case some high-spending person drops by.