The growth of StackExchange

StackExchange is a project put on by the same people who brought you StackOverflow. It has been no secret that they've been trying to make the StackOverflow lighting strike twice, and they've made some big strides since their first attempts with ServerFault and SuperUser. They've instituted a community-driven process for proposing new sites and eventually running them.

They've been around long enough that there is a good list of new permanent sites out there. A selection:

  • : Q/A for Ubuntu. StackOverflow inc worked out a deal with Canonical to do this.
  • gaming : Q/A for Games, be they console or PC. There is heavy competition for this space, so we'll see how it survives.
  • webapplications : Q/A for users of web-applications like Google Apps, BPOS, twitter, greasemonkey scripts for browsers, and facebook.
  • apple : Q/A for the Apple platform. Most of this is handled on SuperUser these days, I expect that traffic to start migrating over soon.
Interestingly, they do have some topical sites of interest to academic types!

  • cstheory : Q/A surrounding theoretical CompSci. 
  • mathematics : Q/A for people who do math for a living. We're not talking helping solve algebra homework, we're talking the kind of things people who teach undergrads would be interested in.
  • english : Q/A for linguists in the English language. For the serious grammar nerd.
Lurking in the beta process are a few more items of interest to academic types.

  • gis : Q/A for geospatial engineers. We have some of those 'round these parts.
  • physics : Q/A for professional physics people and interested parties.