We go through paper

We're a University, and you'd expect that in this modern era of ipads replacing textbooks and suchlike that our paper costs would be going down. You'd be wrong. We go through a heck of a lot of paper in a quarter. Spring quarter earlier this year generated 1,899,865 pages of printing, which is actually a bit up from what we did last year. Ouch.

For a nice visual clue to what we go through in a day, here is Monday of this week:
Pages-per-hour for September 27, 2010
41,375 pages is the total for Monday. Monday is also our heaviest printing day. That spike you see between 11am and Noon is regular. We've had the 11am printing peak for years. There is a smaller spike between 1 and 2pm. This time of quarter we don't have any printing going on at 5am, though the closer we get to Finals Week the more dark-o-night printing goes on.