Budget issues

Yesterday the University President posted a bunch of budget documents that describe how we're handling the 3% cut we need to accommodate. You can start reading them yourselves here (hyperlinked PDFs, not HTML). In and amongst the various line-items was one that caused me a bit of heart failure.

Bring units in leased space to buildings we own. These include our off campus dance facility and all units in the space we currently lease at 32nd Street.

Dude, that's my office! Does this mean we're moving back up to campus? Where in tarnation are they going to fit our datacenter? Moving THAT is not going to be cheap. As in edging on a million bucks worth of not cheap.

But calm prevailed and more information was supplied by the ITS Vice Provost. Human Resources is going to be heading back to campus. The building I'm in is actually owned by WWU.

Whew! Thank goodness, I didn't want to have to move a datacenter. That's a lot of work.

Also, ITS will be taking at least one layoff. I'm pretty sure I know who it is, but I'm not saying here. It isn't in Technical Services though, we've been spared the ax one more time. No idea if our luck will extend to the 10% cut due to take effect 7/1/2011.

And we still have no training budget.