Windows Media Services permissions

One vexing problem that I only just solved is how to regulate who has the ability to change settings in Windows Media Services 2008. The documentation is hard to find. The clue came here:

You have to go into Component Services to change DCOM permissions. Only, you can't do that on 2008 R2. The relevant Security tab is grayed out. You can fix this:

  1. Open RegEdit
  2. Search HKLM for "Windows Media Services" in "Data", not keys or values.
  3. You should find something hiding in HKLM\Windows\Software\Classes\AppID
  4. On that CLSID, right click on the key and go to Permissions
  5. Click Advanced.
  6. Go to the Ownership tab and give your user Owner. Check the "apply to child objects" box. Apply
  7. Go to the Permissions tab, and give your user Full Control. Apply
  8. Open Component Manager
THEN you can go to "Windows Media Services" to change the Access Permissions. Add a group here so you don't have to give local-server Administrator access to the users who want to use Media Services.