A personal first

Yesterday I got indirectly Slashdotted. A question I answered over on ServerFault last week turned out to be my biggest earning answer of all time. Yesterday, someone submitted the question to Slashdot. Who posted it:


Before it got slashdotted I was sitting at around 42 upvotes, which beats my previous top answer on datacenter fire-suppression systems (31 upvotes). As of right now I've just about doubled that number, and there is an outside chance I might crack 100 by the end of the week. We'll see.

Interestingly, very few people seem to have clicked through to my profile and followed on to this blog though I might have gained a new subscriber or two.

Watching the number of visits on that question (the number is on the right side of the screen once you get to the question) shows just how heavy traffic was. 25K visits (it already had 2K when the question posted) in a day is a very solid showing, though pretty weak by slashdot standards. My MyWeb servers of old could have handled loads like that.