Special users in .EDU-land

We have a user type that is pretty much unique to the higher-educational world.

The Emeritus professor.

I'm unclear on what, exactly, Emeritus professors get in the way of continued access to WWU resources, but I do know they can have things like email accounts. As you can probably guess, this population is not the most technically savvy bunch. They also represent a very unique population that requires a fair amount of exception-processing in several procedures.

We've been in a multi-year process of eliminating the 'cc.wwu.edu' domain from Campus usage. Way back in the beginning all WWU email came from cc.wwu.edu. Then the Microsoft Mail system came in and Faculty/Staff moved to a different domain, but students stayed on cc.wwu.edu. When we upgraded from MS-Mail to Exchange 5.5 Fac/Staff moved to @wwu.edu instead and that's where we are today. Students were migrated to '@students.wwu.edu' coming on two years ago as part of the Windows Live @ EDU program. The only people on @cc.wwu.edu were people who opted out of Exchange, preferring the more pure text-mode email interface of pine over telnet/ssh.

Getting people off of cc.wwu.edu has been a long process. The fact that most of our Emeritus were over there, and had been there since time began, caused a fair amount of work. The fact that some professors had published articles and books with their @cc.wwu.edu addresses in them caused a fair amount of pain as well. We worked through them (thank you, ATUS!) and we're almost ready to turn cc.wwu.edu off for good.

So of course today I dig up another Emeritus with a Contact in Exchange that forwards to a cc.wwu.edu address.

Another area where Emeritus caused some pain is when we turned off our modem dial-up service. Our only consistent users were a small handful of faculty and Emeritus.

"Accounts for Life" is a tricky service to provide. Yes indeedy.