ServerFault, but more of that

It is no secret that I'm active over on ServerFault. It looks like the creators of it and StackOverflow are soliciting ideas for future sites in a rather community-centered way. Float a proposal, see who salutes. Kind of similar to openSUSE's FATE system.

Area51: Home of the unknown and potential

The software isn't OSS, but the idea is nifty. Speaking as an active user of ServerFault, a dedicated site for WebDev is very much something that's get a lot of traffic. It's one of the proposals currently up for debate.

That said, there are a whooooole bunch of other proposals out there, some not even technology related. There is one for Gardening and Farming Organically, for instance.

Unlike OpenFATE, once enough people have said "I'd like that", they start doing the early stages of defining what the community would look like. They need enough users to commit to using it (for values of 'commit' that include, 'if it comes, I'll try and answer questions for a few days'). And ultimately, a beta stage to see if it works at all.

An interesting approach.