The last provisions before we sail

When we got warning that the Governor would be putting a draconian spending freeze into place, our supreme masters informed us we had to spend a certain amount of money now or we would lose it. HP-Boxes.pngAdditionally, we were told that funds in the next 12-24 months would be downright scarce, so order now while we still could.  I've talked about this in a few previous posts, but the orders have started to arrive.

We have a nice pile of HP boxes in the data-center right now, and they haven't all arrived yet. Most of the boxes in this picture are dedicated to storage in one way or another.

We haven't gotten the box with 200 LTO4 tapes in it, which should be a nice, big box. We did get the box with the labels for the tapes, though; that's that little one on the foreground. That box contained two folders of tape bar-codes, that box was w-a-y overkill. It also looks likely that HP managed to not ship us a monster box with 20+ individually boxed hard-drives! Talk about over-packaging, Batman.

We're not touching these boxes until they're all here, and we're done with the Spring Break madness. So once quarter starts (3/30) we'll have time to do things like install the new tape library, add a few shelves to our EVA4400. And figure out what we're doing with a storage server we're building (OpenNAS is a strong contender). As well as integrating one or two new servers into our ESX cluster while we're at it.

And then... we wait. Perhaps until 2012.