Highlight Week: Linux hacking from way back

I'm going over some of my older posts and am reposting some of the good stuff that's still relevant. I've been at this a while, so there is a good week's worth of good essays hiding in the archives. 
Back in 2005 I posted a story of my first bit of serious Linux hacking. This was back in college, and involved a 1.2.x era kernel. I had a 1.2GB drive, but somehow both DOS and Linux were ignoring the partition table. I figured it out, and this is how I did it.

Linux hacking from way back.

Looking back on it, this would have been a prime opportunity for me to turn into a kernel-hacker. All of my C training was fresh, and back then the barrier to entry for kernel-hackers was a lot lower. But, I didn't.

This post is from back before Blogger supported comments or labels! Old times, man.