Performance tuning Data Protector for NetWare

HP Data Protector has a client for NetWare (and OES2, but I'm not backing up any of those yet). This is proving to take a bit of TSA tuning to work out right. I haven't figured out where the problem exactly is, but I've worked around it.

The following settings are what I've got running right now, and seems to work. I may tweak later:

tsafs /readthreadsperjob=1
tsafs /readaheadthrottle=1

This seems to get around a contention issue I'm seeing with more aggressive settings, where the TSAFS memory will go the max allowed by the /cachememorythreshold setting and sit there, not passing data to the DP client. This makes backups go really long. The above setting somehow prevent this from happening.

If these prove stable, I may up the readaheadthrottle setting to see if it halts on that. This is an EVA6100 after all, so I should be able to go up to at least 18 if not 32 for that setting.