Printer stats

It has been a while since I last talked about printer statistics. Being a higher ed place of learning, we have student labs. These labs have printers. And like pretty much every place of learning I've ever spoken to, we do whatever we can to restrict printing to reasonable levels. In our case, we do this with PCounter.

For October, the sum total of pages printed (as of this morning, so it isn't ALL of October) from student printers we audit, was...

585,000 pages

That's a lot of paper.

Our busiest hour was 11:00-11:59, where 70,000 (12%) of those pages were printed.
Our second busiest hour was 13:00-13:59, where 63,000 (10%) of those pages were printed.
Our lightest hour was 4:00-4:59, where 360 of those pages were printed (the large majority from the HH154 printers).
The busiest single printer was one of the Library printers, with 48,000 pages.
The busiest lab (multiple printers) was the HH154 lab, with a combined total of 71,000 pages.
The busiest dorm printer was in the Fairhaven complex, with a total of 32,000 pages.
Of the around 22,000 active students we have, 10,509 (47.8%) of them printed at least one page from one of the audited printers.

The above comes to about 43 pages per full-time-equivalent student, or around 26 pages per active student for the month of October. The busiest user printed 892 pages in October, though only three users were over the 500 standard page-quota. Paper and toner are a significant cost of doing business.