OES2 SP1 (public beta) has been posted

The public beta of OES2 SP1 has been posted.

I believe the NDA has lifted, but I'm not 100% on that. Will check. But, some of the new stuff in SP1:
  • An AFP stack that doesn't suck. Or more specifically, an AFP stack that scales beyond 100 users and is eDirectory integrated.
  • A new CIFS stack written by Novell, so it can scale well past the Samba limit.
  • A migration toolkit in one UI, rather than a cluster of scripts.
  • A new version of iFolder
  • EDirectory integrated DNS/DHCP. But no eDir integrated SLP yet, open-source politics you know.
  • IIRC a beta of eDir 8.8 SP4.
  • The ability to put iPrint-for-Linux on NSS volumes (handy for Clustering).
  • And lots more I can't remember off the top of my head.
Go forth, and have fun. There is a beta-feedback box on the beta page I linked to above in case you find a bug and want to tell Novell about it.

One thing I think it is safe to say, is that even though it says "Beta4" on it, it's really a release-candidate. Only major bugs are getting quashed right now. UI freeze was a month or more ago, and strange, annoying behaviors may get "fixed in doc" rather than getting true fixes which will have to wait for SP2. Still report them anyway, since it'll go on the list to fix in the next SP.