eDirectory certificate server changes

The new eDir 8.8 has introduced some changes into my environment, and from the looks of it some of them were there before I did the upgrade. Specifically to the CA in the tree. In googling around, I found this excerpt from the CA documentation:

With Certificate Server 3.2 and later, in order to completely backup the Certificate Authority, it is necessary to back up the CRL database and the Issued Certificates database. On NetWare, these files are located in the sys:system\certserv directory.

For other platforms, both of these databases are located in the same directory as the eDirectory dib files. The defaults for these locations are as follows:

  • Windows: c:\novell\nds\dibfiles

  • Linux/AIX/Solaris: /var/opt/novell/edirectory/data/dib

These defaults can be changed at the time that eDirectory is installed.

The files to back up for the CRL database are crl.db, crl.lck, crl.01 and the crl.rfl directory. The files to back up for the Issue Certificates database are cert.db, cert.lck, cert.01, and the cert.rfl directory.

I didn't know about that directory. I also didn't know that the CA is publishing a certificate-revocation-list to sys:apache2\htdocs\crl\. Time to twiddle the backup jobs.