OES2 release date

Just got out of the WebCast they had. First, the important stuff:

OES2 will be released on October 5th.
OES2-SP1 is targeted for mid-April, 2008.
AFP integration will be in SP1.

I sooooooooo hope they don't push SP1 past July. If that happens, my main migration of our cluster will have to be pushed to 2009. Ick. We're already running out of effective file-cache in 32-bit memory space. I need 64-bit to really give good performance. Hope hope hope.

A few other minor points:
  • Around the release of SP1, Prosoft and Condrey Consulting (Kanaka) will release an NCP client for Mac.
  • The clearing of throats next to a mic is a sign of someone who doesn't do a lot of work in front of mics.
  • OES2 is fully 64-bit optimized (on Linux)
  • They claim EVEN BETTER NSS performance on OES2. I hope to try that out, soon as I can figure out how to get SLES10/OES2-beta5 to talk to my SAN luns. It hates me.