NW65SP6 is in

I put it into WUF on Tuesday night. It went well enough, though not hitch free. The third server I did hung hard on a PORTAL.NLM error, so I ended up having to backrev that NLM to the SP5 version (and yes, I did use the post-SP6 PORTAL.NLM, it was the one that hung). I also managed to get all the fibre cards flashed to new BIOS to support an EVA maintenance we'll be doing during intersession.

I must say that the Novell Wiki on NW65SP6 is a fine and wonderful thing. This is a page that the Novell Support Forum sysops keep up to date with their distilled knowledge. Once upon a time the NetWare minimum patch list was useful for this, but that's fallen by the wayside in recent years. This wiki page includes abends that people have run into, the patches that fix known problems with SP6 (biiiig problems with NDPS, by the way), and suggestions learned through other people's hard experience. I recommend it.