The joys of working REALLY late

I'm doing some FibreOS updates to a few SAN switches, and this of course requires me to take down large chunks of things. While I'm watching progress bars, Blackboard and Exchange are both down. WUF isn't down for the sole reason that it is our only SAN-based service that has multiple hosts on different SAN switches. That'll be changing tonight, though.

But, as it is Saturday night radio on the drive in is interesting. Flipping around I found a station in Vancouver playing what sounds like Indian pop. Very interesting! I don't get much exposure to 'World' music, and I'd like more. Over the past few years I've heard some very interesting things. Techno/Dance, which I didn't expect to hear broadcast. Indian. Lots of blues.

Plus, thanks to the hour of night I can park right at the back door and not have to worry about getting a ticket from the Campus Police. :)