Novell news

Two Cool Blogs posts in the past few days have held some nice tidbits.

Jason Williams says that the Novell Client for Vista is due out mid August
, so long as a key defect registered with Microsoft gets fixed.

Jaimon Jose says that eDir 8.8 SP2 is also due out real soon. SP2 apparently involves some serious performance enhancements.

Both of these are technologies associated with the elusive OES2. We need the Client for Vista as soon as they can get it to us, so I'm not surprised they're considering releasing that independently of OES2. SP2 for eDir 8.8 is one thing I figure will be included in OES2 by default. As that's an independent product as well, having it release independently is nice. This means that two technologies that could be blockers for OES2 are finally being kicked into the real world.

In news unrelated to WWU at all, Bonsai, the next GroupWise version, seems to be getting closer to deployment. They're nearing 'code complete' and will soon start the Authorized Beta phase.