Monday keynote

Ron Hovespian is a better speaker than Messman was, and was much better about hiding the fact that he was using a teleprompter. All in all the session wasn't terribly informative, but then the Monday session generally aimed at Press Releases rather than gee whiz. That comes Friday.

That said, there was some good stuff in this session:
  • OES2 public beta will be 'soon'. It will not be released at BrainShare
  • AD / eDir federation will be in OES2
  • SLES10 SP1 is out
  • A new certification: Novell Certified Engineer (NCE), a migration of the old Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) to the new Linux regime. (I have to look in to that)
  • Virtualization managers are coming soon. Possibly in Zen for Linux 7.2, releasing "after Q2".
  • NetWare SP7 will be OES2
Oh, and there was a Microsoft guy on stage. Whoa. I'll post that picture later.

Update: The picture.