Busy week

Last week was interesting. I spent most of it hacking on the new spam appliances. Then we had another virus outbreak. A bad one. For a first-hand view of what happened read this. Due to a vacation on Friday, I wasn't directly involved in this one to any significant degree. Normally, ferreting out root-kits is right up my alley. Instead, I was have routine maintenance performed on certain small animals in my house.

As this is the second incident of a Symantec worm, it makes it especially galling. The machines that got infected were all ones that got missed during the last post-worm remediation. Unfortunately, certain computer labs did not have the new AV software updated on their images so they'll be vulnerable for a while; revising the lab image during session is apparently a major undertaking. I have been tasked with assessing with an assumption of eventually installing Zen Asset Management in an effort to allow us to identify 'non-compliant' machines when something like this happens in the future.

The go-ahead decision rests with the Vice Provost, which itself should provide an interesting insight into the new guy. This isn't the first time an inventory solution has been proposed. The previous Vice Provost had a low tolerance for back-talk from the Deans, so if enough Deans complained about the new whatever-it-is he usually backed down from supporting it. From the sounds of it, the new Vice Provost wants this capability quite badly, so we shall see how the cards fall.