Brainshare session catalog is up!

TUT202 Migrating a NetWare Cluster to an Open Enterprise Server Linux Cluster

TUT211 NetWare Virtualization

TUT326 Virtual Machines and Storage Foundation

TUT212 Novell Storage Services

TUT205 Dynamic Storage Technology: Reducing the Cost of Storage

IO101 Open Enterprise Server 2 Introduction, Overview and Futures

TUT101 Open Source Stack vs Open Enterprise Server (OES)

TUT204 Configuring Samba on Open Enterprise Server

TUT210 Open Enterprise Server: An Architectural Overview

TUT246 ZENworks: Design and Best Practice

TUT247 ZENworks: Designing “Pulsar” to Scale to Your Environment

TUT104 Choosing the Right File System for Open Enterprise Server

TUT129 Troubleshooting a SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 System

BOF120 All Things Samba

BOF100 Interoperability with Microsoft Windows and Active Directory

TUT215 Data Protection Solutions on Linux

TUT218 Learning to Live With Microsoft Without Turning Blue

TUT106 Distributed File Services

My interests so far. And there are much more sessions to be posted. The Laura Chappel sessions aren't even up yet.