Still not quite fixed!

Just had this error happen when publishing the last blog post:

Failed to create identity for [username] on local server. rc: 116, errno 7, h_errno: 10053, clienterrno: 10053

At least OpenSSH is now giving full error details. The fact this is happening at all shows that the libc problem with accessing remote servers isn't fixed yet.

rc: 116ENCP generic NCP error, see 'h_errno'
errno 7not useful
h_errno: 10053Winsock error, connection aborted
clienterrno: 10053Winsock error

Happily, I see that there is a new LibC out there that released while I was on vacation. You can find it here. And encouragingly, it said in the TID:
- Fixed a connection problem commonly seen with Apache and remote home directories where a 111 or Winsock 10053 error would be returned. We now will purge the cached connection information and start over. BUG142979.
I'm not getting the 111 error, but I'm absolutely getting the Winsock error. I think I'll just integrate this into my SP5 build.

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