Going on vacation

I'm going to be taking three weeks off starting Monday. Three whole weeks. Not here. All in a single block. Yep.

Never taken that much time off in one solid hunk before. But then I get five weeks a year of vacation at this job, so this may happen again. *ahem*. At OldJob I had enough time accumulated that I could take that kind of time off, but I never did since I was a) a lot more indispensible there, and b) couldn't afford to do Neat Things.

As it is, this time I'll be visiting family for the whole three weeks so I'll not be incuring a lot of cost in the way of hotel fees. Which is good for the budget.

Flip side of that is that I'll not be posting here during that time. And when I get back on the 24th I'll be spending a good hunk of the day mucking out my e-mail and getting caught up on projects, not posting to the blog.

See you in a few weeks.