Quiet google release

Apparently Google Groups received a new feature recently. If you do a search, there is a "view profile" link next to posters. From there you can get the most recent posts, and the newsgroups that particular e-mail address was used to post.

What is interesting, is that the X-No-Archive: bit appears to not prevent information disclosure here. While the posts themselves may be gone, the profile still lists the group and posting frequency. Group-names can be just as damning as the content of the posts, and going through the delete process does not remove that post from the post-count.

The Google help for profiles.

So if you're going to work for, oh, Paramont, and were an avid poster to alt.wesley.crusher.die.die.die circa 1994, perhaps you might have a problem should the hiring manager plop that e-mail address you've had since the dark-ages into google-groups.