The last two days have been spent in the datacenter tracing power-cables. These are the big blind-spots when it comes to labeling, since most of the time we don't know the name of the server when the server gets racked. We do have some documentation, but like all datacenters everywhere there is a certain amount of re-use. For instance, the cable labled "galaxy" is plugged into the "upsmon" server. Ahem.

The reason for all of this is to see if we can shuffle circuits enough to cram in another blade-rack. Our problem is only slightly an underpowered UPS, but more a lack of available circuits. My explorations have proven that we under utilize the circuits we have, and consolidation of circuits will help liberate some. But those old circa-2000 servers with 3 power-supplies in them are a pain in the rear, let me tell you.

When we get the new UPS, we're gonna have to plan for more 3-phase 30-amp circuits from the get-go. Planning for more 120v 1-phase 30A circuits would be a good idea anyway, since it eases rack power-feeding.