OES-SP2 / NW65SP5 released

It came out. Apparently the short lead time for the NetWare patch was to synch patch-cycles with the linux side of the house. I'm not seeing any real new features listed, but I'm still digging.

OES Readme with Sp2

That does say that Novell is no longer discriminating between NetWare and OES service-packs, which was an expected move so no biggie. Also the Server Consolidation Utility and the Server Migration Utility have been merged into the same tool, which is only a logical progression so also no biggie.

It also looks like there is a bug/feature that prevents secure iPrint from working correctly with OS X (Tiger), which will cause problems for us in the dorms. "Happily", Macs are not officially supported by us, and this is done in a 'best effort' way. The fix is to turn off secure iPrint, but that violates certain immutable security principles we have in place. This means that OS X (Tiger) users will just have to live without iPrint until Novell catches up. I'm not sure if this is new with the service-pack, or just a known issue that has gotten enough traction that it made it to the SP documentation.

Other then that, from a NetWare perspective SP5 hasn't changed much. Considering the derth of post-SP4a patches out there right now, I expect SP5 to be dubbed "a good patch" by the support forum folk pretty quick. I know it includes my libC and xdav fixes, which both improve things :).