New client!

A week ago Novell released version 1.1 of their Novell Client for Linux!

Download it here.

The link they posted to the 'changes' document is broken. Happily, I found the document for you.

This being V1.something software, the list of changes is large, and the bugs fixed non-trivial. This software is under active development, folks. But it still beats the pants off of NCPMOUNT if you are able to run it on your system.

Some examples of fixed items:
20. Login thinks that admin.novell, .cn=admin.o=novell and .admin.novell are all different people. (97333)
22. Unable to purge files on a Clustered Volume. (112861)
31. If a context is not specified for login, a user in the server's context cannot authenticate. (96430)
45. The "CN" user identifier variable displays the wrong information. (97089)
There are more, but those are just some hilights. Clearly, more still needs to be done to make this a true equivalent to the Novell Client for Windows in terms of usability and uniformity.