Yep, quiet

Not a whole lot going on that I can talk about, and not a lot that I can't. We're in the process of completing the migration of one of our web servers to new hardware, and it is running into a few snags. This is one of those projects that has been in the state of, "deply in two weeks," for coming on two months now. We're a go for next Monday. We'da done it today, but we had a snag late Friday and pushed it back (but didn't need to).

Free space on one of our exchange servers is at 4.93% for the data-store volume, so we're handling that one.

Our Netware cluster has started throwing NSS errors when migrating volumes, and that is concerning. We'll be dealing with that one over the break, since it'll require multi-hour downtime to fix, and that ain't happening this time of quarter without either smoke or clear indications of imminant smoke. It only happens on failover, and that's not something we do a lot.

I learned that Apache 2.2 is probably releasing in the next couple weeks. I won't go to it since all of my Netware stuff keys off of Novell-supplied modules and they'll need to recompile and distribute those first.