Novell Client for Linux

Considering that I went to a session at BS05 on this topic, you'd think I'd remember it. But no, I didn't. I've carped before about ncpfs not being cluster aware, and I'm right. It isn't. I had just spaced the fact that Novell has fixed this problem with novfs, which released (or went public-beta, not sure which at the moment) in July.

I have it on an OES-Linux server right now, and it is working pretty good. I haven't had a chance to test out cluster failovers, but I strongly suspect that it works better than NCPFS did.

So far, things are looking really spiffy. I've already proven that I can move NetStorage (a.k.a. 'myfiles') over to an OES-Linux box. The next trick is getting myweb over. I'm almost there. My Linux hacking skills are decidedly lacking, but I have a path of attack now. It keys on Apache running in a specific user-space, but I understand that's possible.

I also recently learned that UserDir is multi-valued. So something like this...

UserDir /mnt/wuf/user1/*/myweb /mnt/wuf/user2/*/myweb/ /mnt/wuf/*/myweb

would work. It goes down the list until it hits the directory that returns 'found'. Nifty, and saves a lot of grief. The trick has always been how to get NCP shares mounted on a Linux box, and novfs, by way of the NCL, appears to be the answer to that.