The start of quarter is nigh

Classes start on Wednesday, and move-in starts processing tomorrow. Monday and Tuesday students will be registering for final classes, buying lots of stuff, and setting up accounts if they haven't already. The PCounter reset will happen Monday, giving everyone new quota to play with.

A couple of projects that we'd have liked to have gotten done before students arrives have slipped. The migration of our FrontPage server to SharePoint has hit a solid rough patch that'll probably not get done until early October. Upgrades to our home built web-forms have also hit a snag and will probably get pushed to another couple weeks. The new Titan isn't fully in place yet, or so I hear.

But things are looking solid elsewhere. Disk-space is in good shape, though that doesn't really start stressing until about 4 weeks into the quarter anyway. The anti-spam solution for titan is present, though I'm not sure where it sits; we need trainers for the bayesian filters. And Veritas hasn't had any vulnerabilities announced against in recently, so we should be hack-free for the critical period. Ahem.

So. We're in good shape.