iPrint musings

The big question is how do you allow people to install iPrinters without hosting the web-page on the iPrint server itself. We're working on that. More testing needs to be done, but this is the latest version of how we're getting it to work.

The Maptool that comes with iPrint creates html pages. They have a background image used as a map, and printers are placed on that map to create a sense of floor-plan. No biggie. The URL that actually performs the install is pretty simple, if a bit big:


Clearly, if the "isinstf.htm" page isn't on the same server that's hosting the document, it'll fail. No worries. Grab a copy of it, or just reference the iPrinter server directly:


That'll work to a point. But the "isinstf.htm" file itself has relative pathing in it that'll trip you up. Probably more so in a cluster. As it turns out, that file, located in SYS:Apache2/htdocs/ippdocs/isinstf.htm, also contains relative pathing that'll screw things up. So prefix "https://iprintserver.yada.yada/" to all of the links, and it seems to work.