Directory quota parsing

After hammering on it for a day or two I managed to get my perl skilz to give me a program that'll parse the DirInfo.XML file in the _admin area. This gives quite handy output.

"5/10/2005 11:28:54","wuf-stu2","STU2","tstts2",536870912,4096

The CSV file that contains all of the student-side directory quotas is about 1.2Mb in size. A lot of data there, but useful data. This can easily be extened to FacStaff-side user directory quotas, and facstaff-side shared directory quotas.

It's in CSV just to prove I can get the data into the format I need. I hope to dump this to a SQL-ized database of some form in order to make queries of what'll be a large dataset run quickly. With logs this size, it won't take long before things get really big.