Arrived in SLC

I'm here. I attended the NCCI party at the Shilo like I intended, and met a bunch of people I've only seen on line, and relieved confusion at the same time (long story). Played pool, drank drinks (SLC allows spirit sales these days, though last-call was 11:30), and chatted about weather and clusters. Mmmmmmm.

Registration opens tomorrow at Noon, though I plan on drifting in around 1:30ish to avoid the mad rush that'll happen at noon. Tip from a fellow partier.

The flight was mostly uneventful. Landing in SLC was the shakiest bit. There was a bit of a cross wind at the runway, so we hit the ground with a noticeable lateral vector. Since I flew out of Bellingham, I got to have my bag searched right there behind the ticket counter. Did you know that they're upgrading to an enclosed baggage claim area?