Printing update

We're halfway there to a stable printing platform right now. Yesterday we heard from Novell. We've gone this entire quarter without the CPU-hog abends that had been plaguing us all through Fall quarter, thanks to new NDPSM and NDPSGW modules we received. We've had some crashes, but so far they've been attributable to other causes. That's good news.

The bad news is that the other problem we've been having, printers mysteriously refusing to print, still has no known root cause. This affects only the printers in printer-pools; which sucks, since by definition those are the printers that have the highest volumes. Apparently a developer looked at the problem as described to him and decided that the entire print-pooling section of NDPS/iPrint needed a ground-up rewrite. So it'll be a month at least before we get revised code to fix our problem.

In the mean time, I search for a root-cause. If I can find that, hopefully we'll be able to help spur the developer down the correct path.

For reference (and search-bots) this is the error we're getting:
 2-16-2005  11:04:55 pm:    NDPSGW-3.1-0
DEBUG WARNING(prhh245-2): ** FATAL ERROR treated as INST FATAL in
ProcessDocData -> kill inst
That sort of thing. Once that triggers the "requested" column in the NPDS Manager portal-screen for that specific printer-agent will read a negative number. At that point, that pool will stop servicing print-jobs. This is bad.