OES Beta trials

I downloaded the Open Enterprise Server beta to see what it looks like. We may end up going with this in the not too distant future, and I also need to get a better hand of admin-work on a Linux-based server.

What surprised me is what OES is. Perhaps this is the beta form of it, but I was not expecting what I have here. The Netware kernel version is NW6.5SP3 with OES services. The Linux version is SLES9 with OES services. Since I know all about NW6.5, I didn't try out the Netware kernel version, and installed the Linux version. So far it has been going... interestingly. This will change how we handle file-access.

Right now I see a use for OES-Linux. In our cluster, we have two real batches of services. File & Print, and Applications. File & Print is the meat 'n potatoes of Netware, and that stuff is perfectly fine right where it is. Its the other stuff, MyFiles and MyWeb to be exact, that would benefit from being run on a Linux kernel instead. Linux has much better memory management, more mature TCP/IP stack, and a much improved POSIX layer which will make apache2 a lot happier.

MyFiles would be the easy move, since that just NetStorage. No biggie there. MyWeb will be the challenge, since I'm pretty sure mod_edir hasn't been ported to SuSE yet. Perhaps we'll be able to get away with 'useracct' instead, but I'm not in a position to test that out.