More fun with stats

It just keeps on coming! Today's big project was to take my disk utilization data and make even more pretty pictures. Since I have a quarter and a half worth of data, I can start to draw conclusions from the data. So can my boss.
  1. The rate of free-space burn is increasing on the student side, but not on the Fac/Staff side.
  2. Fac/Staff burn space faster on the Shared volumes than their User volumes.
  3. Student burn rate increases as the quarter progresses.
  4. Student burn rate is fundamentally faster in Winter quarter than it was in Fall.
  5. Old user deletes are not liberating enough space no keep up
And most importantly, a pie chart and line graph were all it took to convince Mr. Checkbook that we had a looming problem, and get him to approve getting more disk.

Note: We have a SAN, so "Just throw disk at it" actually works. Without the SAN we'd be looking at a Reformat+Restore.