Brainshare scheduling

Brainshare has started scheduling for us non-alum. I have like four areas where I don't have a session, and I had to make some hard choices about conflicts. This is going to be a good year, and I feel I'll still not get everywhere I want to go to. If last time was anything to judge by, some of these sessions will not be what I'm looking for so I'll have a chance to take a stroll through the labs and vendor stuff.

Monday and Wednesday I don't have a spot for lunch. Monday the two sessions blocking lunch are the Identity Manager overview which I really need, and the Novell Client for Linux. The client for linux is exciting, but the IM stuff isn't immediately applicable even if I still need to know it. Wednesday its "Must know tips and tricks for Nsure Identity Manager Deployments", which is right up my alley, and "Deploying Universal Passwords" which is something we'll be doing here in the not too distant future. Sad.

On the other hand, I have three Laura Chappell sessions. If anyone from OldJob is going to Brainshare this year (unlikely, but it could happen) these sessions are ones they'll almost certainly hit. And since the one person likely to go from OldJob is an Alumni, she'd have scheduled already.