NDPS resolution?

Late yesterday Novell shipped us actual patch code for our NDPS problem. Previously all they've sent us was debug builds designed to populate variable space with as much data as they could cram, so when we got crashes they'd have more to work with. This particular module is the usual NDPSGW.NLM size, the debug builds were about 23K larger than the 'real' ones.

Also last night I turned SNMP polling back on for all of our printers (all 61 of 'em). That had been corolated somewhat with the abends we were getting, though not definate. Our abend frequency went down when we turned that off, but didn't go away. I don't have a lot of time left in Finals Week to have students pounding on the NDPSM, so I needed to get the fixes in and set the environment up for a failure as soon as I could.

If we get through Finals Week without a crash, we'll be in a very good spot for our desired upgrade of the cluster from NW6 to NW6.5.

No crashes yet!