Well, that's nice

It seems that the deadline we thought we had for Exchange isn't it. Concerns have been raised that the new environment hadn't been adequately tested yet, especially on the spam front. So we're pushing the deadline a bit. We're OK with this, since we're ready to roll out now and some users have already been moved. We can wait a week.

School starts next week, with move-in happening starting Friday. Which means that I have three days to do Stuff to the student servers before I have to start scheduling migrations in the middle of the night.

Also, It seems that NW6SP4 DID introduce the concept of NDPS printer-pools to NetWare 6! The functionality I noticed in iManager was verified by our computer lab guy last week. I'm way happy this worked out this way! We can get rid of our old queues we were using for printer pooling before, and jobs submitted to pooled printers will NOT be lost duringa failover. Nifty.