Quick updates & vacation

Student printing has been bouncing around for a bit. We've had some abends relating to the LPR polling process in NPDSM. I had enough, I called it into Novell. Turns out there is a patch for situations involving PCounter and NDPS pools, the later item being a new thing in our environment. I have high hopes this'll fix our problems. Printing volumes are back to normal, so we'll hear right quick if things go pear-shaped.

Myweb is holding up on both faculty and student side. The student side of things has been run on Apache2 since early yesterday with only a single outage, which was due to a rebooting server stealing the MyWeb.Students.wwu.edu IP address for a bit until I put it back where it needed to be.

And I'm heading out on vacation (probably should update my voice-mail). Back 10/5. Vanishingly unlikely that there will be any posts between then and now.