Wahoo! Liebert is talking!

After w-a-y too much time involving another admin around here who has been doing serial comm since the begining of time (relative to me), and some additional quality time with a good multi-meter I FINALLY have an adapter to allow serial comm with the Liebert UPS. The catch was that three and only three wires are to be connected, and any signal on any other wire will hork it up. This is what was causing my earlier "I can see it, but it doesn't respond to my keystrokes" problem.

Anyway, the thing is now on the network and I've gotten multilink to talk with it. AND a test of the shutdown procdure. Works on Win2K so far.

But I must say I'm not impressed with the shutdown/management software. For one, for some reason I can't bring up the config screen without having the monitoring service shut off. This isn't how it is supposed to work, I know this because I can see the java32.exe process launch then hang.

I'm really worried about the netware shutdown. If that's in Java as well, then we MAY have conflicts with our Zen software. Won't know until we try, alas.