Updates galore

In order to get Exchange 2003 System Manager installed on my system, I had to put a few things on. Rather than have an SMTP server on my machine just for exchange (WTF?) I put on XP-SP2 to prevent that need from being there. Plus NAI came out with VirusScan Enterprise v8i so I threw that in there too.

Something doesn't like OpenSSH for Windows. It just crashes every time the sshd-daemon sees an incoming connection. Something about a bad fork. I harken back to nmap's problem with SP2 and wonder if they're related at all. Ah well. No mo' po' man VPN, I'll have to use the real thing.

Plus today, I found and installed Win2K-Server Resource Kit. Lots of fun stuff in there, but then reskits usually are fun that way. I hadn't thought to look it up when I got the new machine. There isn't a kill.exe in there, but there are some other nice utils. Like a tail.exe. THAT is nifty. And linkd.exe has helped me exile one of my recurrant disk-space hogs to the big partition and off of System.

And I also learned that my system directory (C:, I shove everything else onto D: where possible) has about 3gb of stuff just for the OS. Once upon a time I'd call that horribly crufty, but since then I've seen Linux distros match that.