Java consoles

The management utility for the Liebert remote-shutdown agent is Java.

I do not like java when it is anywhere other than an applet on a web-page. Developers make all sorts of insane assumptions about the operating environment when they're running out of the sand-box as it were. Chief among them, as in the prime number one biggest problemo, is assuming that there isn't any java already installed.

No, sorry. You get to assume that I, as a consumer of management consoles for IT widgets, have lots of JVMs cluttering up my machine. And a-l-l the stability fun that entails.

Widget A requires 1.3.1_03
Widget B requires 1.3.1_05, and aggressively detects its version
Widget C requires, because it is brand new, 1.4.2_02
Widget D requires, because it is really old, 1.2.1

Even ConsoleOne gets cranky when OtherJava is running at the same time it is, and ConsoleOne is almost a compiled program. Some environments, such as NetWare, do not have the ability to run multiple JVM versions so what you are using is critical to know. Windows theoretically does, but I've had too many problems with it to trust it to anything critical.

In case you hadn't figured it out already, the Liebert console gave me grief. It doesn't require a JVM install, per-se, it just loads one it ships with. This is sub-optimal if there are other JVM versions lurking around as they can cross contaminate memory. I couldn't get the Netware console to load on my machine. It hung it so hard I needed a reboot to clear the JAVA32.EXE process from memory (unkillable modules are fun that way, and it even resisted kill.exe and a few other ungraceful nukers out there). I had to set up a VPC session with a base OS, Client 32 and nothing else to get it to run appropriately. Unacceptable.