Backup fun

The backup fun continues. Had a few more crashes last night, and this has now reached a big problem.

It turns out that there are a few others folk out there who are experiencing crashes on their clusters when TSAFS is loaded. Interesting, thought I. In my pre-incident checkout, I found that Novell has some newer TSA's than what I have loaded. Rather than burn an incident to get told, "update, you idiot," I updated. We'll see how things run tonight.

The TID doesn't have the list of issues, but here is an extract of some of the neat stuff this update does:
7. TSAFS was limited to 1024 bytes for the path names. This limitation has been
10. Fixed a problem with remote selective restores. An error would be returned:
"Could not connect to the TSA. Check the TSA is loaded correctly
SMDR : The required entry for protocol or service is not found.
Register appropriate protocol or service."
11.Fixed some pagefault processor abends.
13. Fixed a problem where ACCESS DENIED errors were returned backing up certain
directories. This happend because the zOpen used by SMS is requesting read access to
any object and the starting point for the backup is a location that the
specified user has visibility in but no read access.
16. fixes the invalid name parameters that caused abends. This was due to invalid
data structures that were being passed into tsafs.nlm. They were in the wrong
17. Fixed abends that would result if the server was in an out of memory condition.
This was caused by the tsafs.nlm read ahead cache pointer that was getting
messed up. Check the server to see if it's getting low on ram.
19. Fixed abends in tsafs doing restores

2. Fixes a problem with the archive bit not being cleared. This would result
in too much data being backed up.
3. Fixed a problem with the tsa600.nlm leaking memory on restores and copies
because RestoreFullPaths was not calling Free.
7. Fixed abend problems with the tsas amd smdr
10. Fixed problems with slow incremental backups. The full backups would be fast.
Only the incrementals would be slow.

1. IPX dependency of SMDR removed. [YAY!]
13. Smdr has been enhanced to resolve the server/cluster poolname to an ip
address thru the sys:etc\hosts file.
14. IP address mgmt support added.
17. SMDR has been modified so that it does not need to parse the SYS:ETC\HOSTS file on it own.
It uses the gethostbyname() function to do that. In addition, this method
expands its name resolution to use DNS as well.