Vacation return

Tuesday I upgrade the CA server and last of the three replica servers. No significant issues to report. Then, contrary to popular belief of such things, I went right on vacation. Family in town, so my ability to respond to calls depended entierly on where I was in relation to cell towers. And for a good chunk of Wednesday I was hiding behind islands.

Happily, no issues cropped up. We have a weird one that looks to predate the upgrade to 8.7.1 much less the upgrade to NW6.5. In fact, it looks to date from last summer. The fact that we hadn't noticed until now means that it isn't a severe error. A ring-delta is not reporting correctly on some servers with R/W replicas. There IS a TID on this one, but it shows that the error should show up on Subordinate Reference servers. But both the server that is claimed to be in error and the Master server do NOT see the error so I'm willing to ignore it.